BER Certificates and DECs

ABUILD carry out Commercial and Domestic BER Assessments. BER certificates are a legal requirement for new builds and for homeowners who are renting or selling. From January, 2013, it is illegal to advertise for sale or rent without possessing a Certificate.

As Energy Assessors we carry out energy surveys and offer free consultation to homeowners who want to improve their rating and increase the potential for sale or rent.

When a building receives planning permission after the 9th January 2013, it is now mandatory that a BER Certificate is published when the building is complete. It is also requirement that a final BER is published within 2 years of publishing a Preliminary BER, when a house is sold off the drawings.

A2 NZEB Rated Certificate

The BER Assessor can only publish a Certificate based on the information gathered from the survey and recorded by the homeowner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner/builder to file all information during construction so that the Assessor can avail of all relevant proof when publishing a BER Certificate. Otherwise the correct A2 BER Rating will not be published due to the lack of information available or indeed due to the lack of tests or attention to detail during construction.

Photographic ACD proof signed by the Builder/architect should be recorded during construction, before certain work is covered up. The Assessor will also need a final Air tightness Test Report which is mandatory for building compliance. Many other material (window and doors) and heating system certificates are also required so that the best BER Certificate can be published.

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